The Spotlight Project for this month is in the heart of Santa Barbara opposite the beach. The house is a vacation rental so it has to look inviting and impeccable all year round. The garden has many different leaf patterns at various heights and many flowers, both tropical and perennial. There are flowering vines along the fences making pleasant seating areas around the whole garden. The landscaping was designed and installed about a year ago so many plants are now reaching their full growth.

Jason Scherman of Organic Solutions Landscape Service has been working on this garden since it was installed. Jason has been through both segments of the Green Gardener Certification program and is an Advanced Green Gardener.Scherman01

Jason has a passion for horticulture and is strongly focused on the health of the soil. He loves to rebuild soil that has been abused with chemicals and pesticides so that it has no life left in it. He says you cannot expect a beautiful and productive garden when your soil has no natural micro-organisms or beneficial insects.

The premise of Jason's business is to create a thriving, healthy soil environment. He uses compost tea monthly, adds compost to the root areas of plants and mulches everything to retain moisture and keep down the weeds.

This program creates numerous micro-organisms in the soil that help to break down the nutrients for the plants to use.

By having healthy soil you can virtually eliminate the need for chemicals. The plants will be naturally immune to disease and insect damage. It is a stressed plant that is susceptible to disease.

Jason also uses a composting mower and mows the grass higher in summer to avoid the browned over look. The front lawn at this house looked vibrantly healthy and bright without any weeds.

If you are looking for a green gardener you will find Jason on the Advanced Green Gardener list by clicking here.